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Maintaining and Extending Your Company’s Culture in a Hybrid WorkPlace

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to shut down and turn to technology to maintain business continuity and productivity. And while some organizations have successfully adapted to remote work, there is still the big question—What comes next?

Many leading companies are planning a combination of remote and on-site working to create a hybrid model. How will company culture, employee experience and wellness strategies be impacted by this workplace evolution? And, will something be missed in this transition?

Watch this on-demand webinar from Venngo, a pioneer in employee benefits, and learn how to maintain and extend your company culture in an evolving hybrid workplace. Rethink the cornerstones of an HR strategy beyond time and place and gain insights into creating an effective plan for corporate culture whether your employees are in-office or remote.

Watch now and discover:

  • How hybrid workplaces are accelerating and evolving
  • How to effectively maintain and extend corporate culture when communications and social relationships have been significantly altered
  • What elements and challenges should be considered for the future of work