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Father's Day Gift Guide

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We celebrated moms last month, so it’s natural that Dad is going to get the same love! Father’s Day is about appreciating the subtle ways dads make our lives better. And once again, we recognise that a gift doesn’t necessarily show them how much we appreciate them, but there is nothing wrong gifting them something they will enjoy. They worked so hard to give us cool gifts since we were kids! So, let’s take a moment to return the favour.

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The Tech-Savvy Dad

We know that most dads love gadgets, electronics and anything to make life easier and fun! Why not gift them a new electronic toy from these perks? Telus, Canon, Panasonic Canada, brother, The Source, HP Canada, Lenovo, Samsung, Sonos, Acer, Apple Inc. We’ve got deals on major electronic items. And if not for him, you can give him the peace of mind he wants to bring to the house by offering him the TELUS SmartHome Security perk.

The Fashion-Forward Dad

Don’t we love a dad that is into taking care of himself? Use your unique perk from Manscapped to gift him the most popular grooming brand at the moment! We’ve got great brands such as Solaris Optical, Capo Salerno and Calvin Klein to take advantage of. And local brands like Mr. Menswear, PKG and Tuxedo Junction.

The Outdoor Enthusiast Dad

Outdoorsy dads take us on adventures and help us develop unique skills. We have a unique perk that they will love: Yours Outdoors. Their experience packages are interesting and fits different tastes. If not, you can offer them a bike servicing package from CyclePath so they can maintain their bikes.

The Fitness Dad

For fitness enthusiast dad, there is a wide variety of gift ideas. Sports clothes, supplements, or even classes. Here’s a few brands to shop from: Callaway Apparel, Altitude Sports, and Sail. The Motion Room is also worth checking out, if they are into fitness. And of course, we’ve got the favourites Goodlife Fitness and F45s.

The DIY Dad

For Dad’s biggest home improvement project, purchase a “Handyman of The Day” for them so they can finish faster. Although DYI dads love to do their own projects, there is nothing wrong with using Jiffy on Demand to give them a break!

The Gourmet Dad

For the dad that has a delicate palate, gift him a Meyer’s Cookware set so he can cook delicious meals. Take him to great restaurants like Michael and Marion’s or the Campo De Fiori’s Ristorante. A bit different, but you can take him to the Delzott & Son butcher shop so he can pick hormone and antibiotic free meat for his secret recipes?

The Traveling Dad

For the dad that is always on the go, be sure to browse our Travel section. We’ve got all sort of perks to help him at every stage of his travel plan. Looking for airport parking? Gift him a package at Park’N fly. Or multiple car rental services like Roadstar Car Rental, Alamo Rent-A-Car, Thrifty Car Rental or Hertz. If dad likes to take vacations, we’ve got unique offers for him on the platform. Ps: A gift card to these luxurious hotels is acceptable: Horseshoe Resort, Extended Stay America, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and of course, Fairmont Hotels!

The Sports dad

For the dad that loves sports. Here are some perks you can use to show your dad appreciation this Father’s Day. Take him to the Hockey Hall of Fame and let him explore the home of the Stanley Cup and finest hockey artifacts of the world. Or maybe you’d like him to experience a live sports game, in which you can save money on Toronto Argonauts and TFC!

Is Dog Dad a thing?

It totally should! We have 6 exciting perks to help dad bond with his fur friend. Great quality treats from Foley Dog Treat Company & Open Farm. An interesting insurance perk from PetSecure for the moment you need it the most. If dad is just as social as his dog, why not offer them a package from Unleashed in the City? And for the dog’s grooming needs, we have Clippers Pet Grooming.

Universal Gifts

For the dads that are content with anything. Why not offer them a subscription to Rosetta Stone so they can learn a new language? We’ve also got a vast amount of spa offers on the site that you can search by your location. Lastly, don’t hesitate to browse for perks amongst our 10 categories!

To all fathers and father-figures, happy Father’s Day!


  1. Note: Perks are subject to change, and some perks are tailored to your organization prior to launching.

  2. *We are constantly bringing on new brands to partner with us, if you don’t see your preferred brand, you can suggest the brand to us, and we’ll try our best to have them on the platform. You can do so by logging on the app or the browser version and use our “Suggest a Perk” function.