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Get to know your Perks: Lifeline

sos venngo graphic-01-01Technology has made our lives easier and more enjoyable, and it’s not going to stop. In every aspect of our lives, there’s at least one technological service that has helped us live an improved life. In the same way, medical alert systems are useful for people who are prone to medical emergencies, especially older adults.

Why should you consider getting a medical alert system for yourself or your loved ones?

  1. It provides a quick access to medical help.

In case of an emergency, all the person has to do is press on a button and medical services are alerted. Getting help is easier and faster, the emergency response team will be notified quickly.

  1. It provides peace of mind to the user and their family around them.

With the idea that help is always available in case of an emergency provides a sense of peace of mind to the person using the medical alert system, as well as their family members.

  1. It makes independent living a possibility.

Adults of all ages who enjoy living independently, but are often concerned about their safety, especially when sick or disabled can find it hard to be on their own. In fact, many older adults who are accustomed to their ways of living, prefer living in their own spaces as well. Often times, their health is a concern, requiring them to move, which is why having a medical alert system makes it possible for them to live independently on their own for a longer period.

  1. In certain cases, it’s more cost-effective.

Following the above statement, for people who are able to live on their own, but have some medical needs, they can now stay in their homes longer without having to move into a living facility or moving closer to a caregiver, or even hire caregivers. A medical alert system is relatively cheaper that the options previously mentioned, it remains an added layer of safety and security to the user.

  1. Most medical alert system comes with a GPS.

It helps with easy location of a person in need of medical help.

  1. Customizable useful features

A good medical alert system will offer customizable features, such as fall detection, reminder for medication intakes, voice-communication – all these make the alert system even more efficient.

On our platform, we have one such company offering the most trusted medical alert service in Canada – Lifeline.

Besides all the points mentioned above, Lifeline also has several other products tailored to different needs. Lifeline also provides 24/7 access all year round to help, they have 45+ years of experience in providing personal medical alert services in North America.

Sign into to your Venngo account and take advantage of this perk.

Note: Perks are subject to change, and some perks are tailored to your organization prior to launching. If you would like to suggest a perk, you can do so by signing in on the app or browser.


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