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Get to know your perks: Pets Edition

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pets bannerIn celebration of the National Pets Day, let’s take a moment to focus on our pets and what they represent for us… We believe that all pets are therapy pets. They bring us so much joy, companionship, love, and support. Especially in the past few years, many people have realised how much pets enrich our lives. Simply put, they are a valued member of our family. Every day with our pets is special, but on National Pets Day let’s make them feel extra special. They deserve it.

At Venngo we know how much our pets mean to us, and we know we are not the only one, which is why we have a dedicated category for pets. Here are some perks you can see on the platform*.

Pet Secure

PetSecure offers insurance for pets, with a promise of offering peace of mind to customers. Whenever you have an unexpected vet bill, you can count on PetSecure. PetSecure covers accidents, illnesses, dental and wellness. Additionally, they have a great range of blogs to help you take care of your pets better. According to Ontario SPCA, the annual cost of caring for a cat or a dog can go anywhere between $2500 to $4500. These are just the regular costs associated: food, bed, toys, crate etc. but there are unexpected costs that may occur, no matter how great we take care of them sometimes the unfortunate happens. Which is why having an extra layer of insurance can help you stay focus on what matters most during difficult time: your pet.

Open Farm

Open Farm is a Canadian pet food company that makes great quality delicious pet food while respecting animal welfare and the environment. Open Farm is on a mission to do good; their meat and fish are ethically sourced and are subjected to high standards. Log in to take advantage of this perks for premium nutrition for your cats and dogs.

Foley Dog Treat Company

Foley is made in Canada and offers premium nutrition for dogs. They use safe, clean and healthy ingredients without compromising on the taste of the treats. Their treats are all natural and baked. They even have plant-based treats to cleverly get your dog to consume more superfoods. According to the American SPCA, dogs should consume a balanced diet, but not all dogs enjoy eating vegetables and other superfoods, Foley cleverly makes it easier for them to consume these foods and stay healthy. Remember to consult your dog’s veterinarian before modifying their diet.

Now go give your furry friend a huge hug from us!


  1. Note: Perks are subject to change, and some perks are tailored to your organization prior to launching.
  2. *We are constantly bringing on new brands to partner with us, if you don’t see your preferred brand, you can suggest the brand to us, and we’ll try our best to have them on the platform. You can do so by logging on the app or the browser version and use our “Suggest a Perk” function.