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How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Store Locators

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Introducing: Perks Nearby.

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At Venngo, we are committed to elevating your shopping journey to new heights. We couldn't be more thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Perks Nearby, Venngo's cutting-edge Augmented Reality tool. Designed to transform the way you discover and access perks while on the move, this revolutionary feature harnesses the power of AR, a technology that has been rapidly reshaping the retail landscape. Join us as we delve into Perks Nearby.


Why AR?

With AR's interactive and immersive capabilities, our platform ensures a seamless and engaging journey, fostering stronger connections between customers and the diverse range of enticing offers available at their fingertips. This innovative tool proves particularly useful in crowded places like shopping malls, busy streets, airports, and stations, simplifying the process of finding perks. Instead of manually scrolling through the app to discover nearby perks, you can effortlessly use the AR tool by slowly scanning your surroundings.


What you need to know about our AR tool

  • Utilize GPS only

Perks Nearby exclusively relies on GPS points, which means it will access your precise location only if you have granted permission for location services. Rest assured, the tool does not utilize any previously saved locations to showcase perks, ensuring your privacy and delivering real-time offers based solely on your current surroundings.

  • Enable access to camera

Prior to using the AR tool, you need to give permission to Venngo to use your camera. AR relies heavily on real-time interaction between the digital elements and the real-world environment captured by your camera. When you activate the camera for AR, it allows Venngo to access your phone's camera feed and display perks around you.


Do I only need to use AR?

Although the traditional perk finder remains functional, the AR tool offers an additional and convenient method to discover perks in your nearby surroundings. Its purpose is to assist you in locating nearby perks, eliminating the necessity to scroll through the app in busy malls or streets. With the AR tool, you can view perks in real-time.


How can I use it?

All you have to do is log into your Venngo App (WorkPerks, MemberPerks or CustomerPerks) and select the AR tool. Hold your phone up, and gently scan the environment to locate perks. Below are a few examples of perks located around Etobicoke, North York and Queen Street.

AR 2

What’s more, when using the AR tool, you can add perks with physical locations to Apple Map or Google Maps. Simply, scan the environment for the desired perk, then touch the desired perk to load the perk info (See image 1). Then, touch the location icon on the perk page (see image 2) to bring up the navigation via Apple Maps (or Google Maps.)

AR 3


What are the privacy concerns with AR?

Perks Nearby doesn’t store any visuals from the camera. It only displays live perks. It uses GPS point to show you perks in the moment.

The AR tool was built using the software development kit by Google, Apple and Samsung, which are already privacy proof. Therefore, are compliant with Google and Apple’s AR privacy policies.

Best practices:

  • Make sure you have enabled your phone to use the AR feature. Each phone is different, if you are having issues doing so, consult your manufacturer’s manual.
  • GPS/location services need to be turned on, since it only uses GPS points.
  • Make sure there is enough space around you before you start scanning the environment.
  • To avoid fatigue in arm and wrists, consider holding the phone at a distance in front of you and avoid angles.
  • For best results, slowly scan the environment to see the perks, avoid sudden brisk movements.