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Furry Valentine: Spoil your pet with Love and Discounts.

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Any pet owners reading this know that proper care and pet ownership can quickly get expensive. Because we love our furry friends so much, it is easy to get caught up in having the latest and greatest, and forget how much money we’re spending on them… until the bills roll in.

We’re facing inflation and high cost of living which impacts their quality of life, too. As they are very much considered to be part of our families, we want to care for them as best we can even during times of economic uncertainty.

If you don’t have a pet yet and are thinking about getting one, we encourage you to do your research well. First and foremost, consider adopting rather than buying from a pet store or breeder. Many animals have unfortunately found themselves in shelters and are looking for a forever home. Usually, these soon-to-be pets are kept up to date with their medical needs, such as regular care and vaccines, to ensure the shelters remain a safe space for all animals needing their help. As adoption fees are typically lower than breeders’ prices, and their required vaccines have already been administered, these needy animals are an affordable option to start your pet ownership journey.

According to Statista, the average cost of owning a dog in 2022 was $3,999 CAD each year, while the annual cost for a cat is close to $2,800 CAD. So, how do you reduce these costs while still taking proper care of your furry loved ones?

Pet ownership come with lots of responsibility, and at first some of these tasks may seem overwhelming to undertake yourself, but with some research and support from experts, you and your furry friend will manage just fine! In fact, you may be able to do many on your own.

Regular dental cleaning

Just like human beings, pets require regular professional dental cleaning. However, nothing stops you from doing it at home in between visits. Resources are available online to learn how to do it yourself while waiting for your professional appointment.

Making your own pet toys

Pet toys are made to be destroyed by our energetic friends. Constantly buying new toys can become expensive quickly, so you may choose to keep the beautiful store-bought toys for special occasion such as National Pet Day, their birthday, or their adoption day, and instead DIY toys for everyday use. In addition to being cost-saving, this can also serve as a fun hobby!

Regular grooming techniques

Most dogs and some cats require professional grooming, which is an added cost to pet ownership. However, if you master a few at-home techniques, you can extend the time between visits to the groomer. If you’re comfortable with cutting the bangs on long-haired pets, or giving your pet a bath in the comfort of your own home, you can save both time and money.

Skip the nail appointment

Learning how to trim your pet’s nails can help more than your wallet. Pets love to explore and play, and if their nails are too long, they can injure themselves or others, which may lead to infections. Regularly trimming their nails and claws at home can reduce vet visits, avoid unnecessary stress for both you and your pet, and potentially keep your home in tip-top shape with fewer scratch marks.

Removing ticks, fleas and even knots

If you learn to spot and remove ticks yourself, you can save your pet from discomfort and save your wallet from another vet bill. Fleas and knots are also manageable on your own but remember to protect yourself as well when dealing with these pests.

Certain mild diseases

While this blog does not serve as or replace medical advice, consider asking your vet’s office for advice on how to care for your pet’s mild issues at home. Veterinarians will appreciate your passion for your pet’s care and share best practices so you can take care of these minor ailments on your own between visits.


With your vet’s guidance, you can prepare their food at home with ingredients you enjoy yourself. This is common practice in many countries. However, many foods can cause illness or death for pets while being perfectly safe for human consumption, so ask your vet what is recommended and if specific preparations are needed.

You can also shop local stores for pet food, which may be more affordable as your items don’t need to travel far to get to you.

These tips can alleviate some of the costs that come with caring for your animal. However, not everyone is comfortable taking a DIY approach to pet ownership. For those looking for expert care, you can save elsewhere by taking full advantage of your perks.

Behaviour Consulting

Walkabout Canine Consulting is an amazing resource for anyone who is trying to correct pet behaviour or trying to train them with little to no experience. This highly resourceful perk is exclusively brought to you as a WorkPerks, MemberPerks or CustomerPerks user, and provides educational resources for a wide variety of issues you may face with your pet.


If you have an adventurous pet who loves to explore the neighbourhood or you’re worried they may get away from you on a walk, get them a Samsung Smart Tag that attaches to their collar, so you can stay stress-free and always know where they are.


This is something one should never attempt to DIY. It is vitally important to have proper pet insurance, so you’re covered when you need it the most. We have two great insurance companies such as Fetch and PetSecure on our platform. Take full advantage of their offers and breathe a little easier knowing you’re not alone in caring for your pet.


Pets are one of life’s most amazing joys, but the reality remains that they can be expensive to care for. They enrich our lives, so we do our best to do the same for them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to save! Use your perks to help give them the care and treats they deserve without blowing your budget.



  • Keep in mind that different pets and breeds require different levels of care, and cost will vary based on your lifestyle and emergencies as well.
  • Perks are subject to change, and some perks are tailored to your organization prior to launching.
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