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Spring Travel Planning: Tips for a Memorable and Stress-Free Getaway

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With spring coming, many of us will be preparing to go on a trip and explore the world. Whether you’re planning a staycation in Canada or travelling abroad, these tips will make your trip a smooth and memorable one!

Good planning takes care of the more stressful elements of a trip, and leaves opportunity for spontaneity. Our travel section has been one of our users’ favourite categories for years, so be sure to check out the perks available and take full advantage! Happy reading!


  1. Deciding on the type of trip:

Your perfect trip will depend on the type of trip and traveller you are. Are you a solo traveller or are you travelling with friends or family? Are you visiting for a wedding or purpose, and will you have spare time to explore? Are you a vacationer or are you a traveller? Do you want adventure or a relaxing all-inclusive hotel? Are you visiting a bucket list destination or are you looking for a last-minute escape?

The answer to these questions will determine how to best plan your upcoming travels.


  1. Choosing the Right Destination:

Once you’ve figured out the reason for your travel, you can pick out a location (if you don’t already have one). It’s worth scoping travel sites and see what’s catching your eye, along with reading online resources like travel blogs, and check out social media before deciding on a location. One very important factor to consider is the season of the destination, as certain regions face difficult weather at particular times of year, and outdoor activities may be more pleasant in specific seasons. Research your destination thoroughly before committing to the plan.


  1. Setting a Realistic Budget:

The most important part of travelling is setting a budget, and sticking with it, while having a little wiggle room for indulgences or emergencies. This budget should account for airfare, accommodation, sightseeing and excursions, food, and travelling within the area. Wherever you go, there will be budget-friendly accommodations and dining options, so be sure to do your research properly.

Luckily, our perks can help you with the last two points! Check out SellOff Vacations, Contiki, and many more.


  1. Planning Transportation:

Once you have your airfares booked, the next transportation to discuss is getting around your destination once you’ve arrived. If you are doing a staycation, you’ll have access to your own vehicle, however, car rental is also a possibility to save on mileage for road trips. To really immerse yourself in your destination, you can investigate the local public transportation options or rent a car and explore on your own. Our platform carries multiple car rental companies, so be sure to check them out prior to your travels. Not only that, but we also have great offers on airport parking!

If you are travelling with others, opt for advanced seat selection, this will ensure you are sitting with your traveling buddies. Avoid leaving this to last minute, you might not be seated together and can cause an anxious traveler discomfort.


  1. Booking Accommodations:

Before booking accommodations, it’s very important to read reviews as they’ll provide valuable insight into what your own stay may look like. There are many types of accommodations to pick from: hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, even camping. Things to consider:

  • The location area – how far do you need to travel from the hotel to the airport, to main attractions?
  • The amenities – Is laundry included? Are there restaurants nearby? Is breakfast available? What about sleeping arrangements offered by the accommodation?
  • A golden rule: Always compare prices and offerings.

Do not rush this process! While the hotel may seem like it’s “just” a place to rest your head after a busy day of exploring, it’s important to feel safe and know your belongings are secure.


  1. Planning Activities and Excursions:

Activities and excursions are the best part of travelling, typical options are outdoor activities, beach activities, cultural experiences, and even nightlife. Once again, be sure to check out popular activities where you are going and read the reviews from past visitors. This can also help you prepare ahead of time. Another thing to consider, check if your choice of activity needs to be booked ahead of time. Depending on the location, certain activities, like sea excursions or hikes can be affected by the weather, so plan for additional activities.


  1. Packing Essentials:

Packing is perhaps the least favourite part of most travellers, but it must be done.

A general guideline for a two-week’s vacation is the 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule. One hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops, five pairs of socks and six pairs of undergarments. If possible, avoid checked luggage to avoid delays or lost baggage. Creating a capsule and versatile travel wardrobe can help with avoiding over-packing and still look polished for Instagram pictures!

Consider investing in packing cubes, as they’re a great to help save space. 

Don't hesitate to use our travel checklist here!


  1. Research the country.

Thoroughly research the country – you want to look for things like local customs, etiquettes, traditions, dress codes. This is important so as not to intentionally offend the local people. This will also allow you to immerse yourself fully in the country. Luckily, this information can be obtained from travel agents, travel sites, social media, and blogs.

  1. Health and Safety

Wherever you decide to go, your health and safety should be top priority.

  • Check out travel advice and advisories for your destination to be in the know on current travelling affairs. [Canada :]
  • Take advantage of the perk from Universal Travel Health. They offer travel medical advice and services, and have put together a guide for easier planning.
  • Get travel insurance. Travel insurance is crucial because it provides financial protection against unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage, ensuring peace of mind during your travels. Check out the exclusive offerings from the Cooperators.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and secure your belongings. Avoid carrying a huge amount of cash that can attract the wrong crowd.
  • Pack a small first aid kits for essentials.

  1. Planning for Relaxation:

To ensure you’ll get to relax on your trip, you need to have your vacation plan ready. A good way to do that is to pick your must-do / must-see activities, and the rest of your time can be spent however you want, whether that’s the rest of your activities or some well-deserved R&R. Look into local relaxation activities such as spas, leisure promenades, and locations especially set aside for quiet, reflective moments. Saving these relaxing activities for the end of your trip may help you achieve a balance between an active vacation and a restful one. You can also use your perks to plan relaxation!


  1. Other things to consider:
  • Check for passport and visa requirements before booking anything.
  • Ensure you get confirmation emails, as sometimes we may skip the final step of booking without realizing, which can throw a wrench in your plans.
  • Prioritize sleep before and during your trip. Lack of sleep can cause crankiness and tiredness, making it hard to enjoy your trip - especially when kids are involved.
  • Make a copy of all your travel documents, flights, hotels, activities, etc.
  • Have all your emergency contacts on a separate document (within your phone or a small notebook).
  • Get roaming or even a local sim card. This will be incredibly important in an emergency.
  • If you are travelling solo, share your flight numbers, hotel information, and itinerary with your emergency contacts for peace of mind during the trip.

Regardless of what type of traveller you are, we wish you a fantastic and enjoyable spring break adventure, filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.